St. Thérèse and the Faithful

ISBN: 0692320164
St. Thérèse and the Faithful is a phenomenal work of devotion to help understand the teaching of the doctor of the Little Way. Benedict Williamson considers from the saint’s writings what the Little Way consists in, and how it can be lived by faithful throughout the world. Sainthood is not for only a select few, it is for all, and St. Thérèse helps us see how it is every Catholic can embrace the call to holiness given by Christ in the Gospel: “Be ye perfect as your heavenly father is perfect.”
St. Thérèse declared that she would let fall a shower of roses after her death. This book is indeed such a rose, a gift to anyone who struggles to live a deeply spiritual life by providing them a short-cut by the way of humility, trust and love of God.

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The Life of the Venerable Anne of Jesus

ISBN: 0692436049

From the Preface

“The name of Venerable Anne of Jesus is probably familiar to all those who are well acquainted with the life, the work of foundation and the correspondence of St. Teresa of Avila; it also occupies a not unimportant place in the life-story of St. John of the Cross; she, moreover, took the most prominent part in the establishment of the Teresian nuns in France and afterwards in the Low countries.

It is, therefore, not too much to say that none of these subjects can be properly and fully understood unless one has a more than cursory knowledge of her own life and aims. Above all this she was endowed with talents not even second (according to the opinion of St. John of the Cross who was a good judge) to those of St. Teresa, and she reached a wonderful degree of sanctity even for a period which saw some of the greatest Saints of the Catholic church.”

This is a story that cannot be found in print elsewhere, of the transplanting of the Teresian reform from Spain to France and the Netherlands, a remarkable fete given that all of those countries were at war and the populations of France and the Netherlands not especially amenable to Spaniards. Nevertheless, the roots of Carmel were well placed, and the order flourished in convents still there to this day.

This is the only work on her life available in English.

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