All Souls’ Forget-me-not

ISBN: 1543042147
The All Souls’ Forget-me-not is a special devotional, written in the early 20th century, that contains everything you could ever need for devotion to the souls in Purgatory. This Purgatorial Manual is replete with manners to offer Mass according to the Extraordinary Form, special prayers for the Rosary, Stations, and numerous indulgenced prayers and special meditations. The book also includes a Latin-English Office for the Dead. This book is ideal for anyone in a Purgatorial society, or for the extraordinary soul dedicated to the Soul’s in Purgatory.

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The Dominican Rite

ISBN: 0692508759
The Dominican Rite is an excerpt from Archdale A. King’s Liturgies of the Religious Orders. It covers the history of the Dominican Rite, beginning with Bl. Jordan of Saxony, the Successor of St. Dominic, and carries through the Council of Trent, St. Pius V and to our own time. Then he turns to depict the ceremonies, ritual, and spirit of the rite along with the Ordinary of the Dominican rite of Mass. As more Dominicans are attempting to recover their ancient and venerable rite, we hope this book will help foster a genuine love for this liturgy and assist in spreading its use.

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The Franciscan Way of the Cross: Latin-English

ISBN: 0692238409

The Franciscan Way of the Cross was written in the 16th century by an anonymous Franciscan priest while to assist him preaching while giving missions. They quickly became popular and were included in devotionals going into the 19th century. We have provided an all knew up to date translation faithful to the original Latin, to replace 19th century translations that eschewed the medieval Latin and replaced certain sections with the better known Liguori stations. The Mediatrix Press edition is absolutely faithful to the original Latin, and a great, simple devotional to focus one on the mysteries of Christ’s passion and death.

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Sermons of the Curé d’Ars for the Sundays of the Year

ISBN: 1540757315
The Sermons of St. John Vianney, the Curé of Ars, are a treasure for any Catholic. St. John Vianney was a phenomenal preacher and used the pulpit to move wayward and modern people to true contrition. While sermons in writing will never have the same force as when they were given by the preacher, nevertheless, the deep devotion and love of our Savior combined with hatred for sin and an appeal to the sinner to embrace the mercy of God flows on every page. This edition contains the sermons of St. John Vianney for every Sunday of the year according to the Extraordinary Form Calendar, as well as some feasts. Make the wisdom of the Curé of Ars an essential part of your Sunday. Click here for a sample chapter.

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The Spiritual Life and Prayer According to Monastic Tradition

ISBN: 0692722742

Spiritual Life and Prayer according to the Monastic Tradition, is a spiritual treatise on the soul’s journey to God. Carefully considering the spiritual life as lived among the trials of the world, the Sacraments, the author considers who are the true worshipers of God and how we become such based on the testimony of Sacred Tradition and the Holy Fathers. Though it is a century old, being based on such timeless testimony it has not lost its luster. This work is a beautiful and orthodox treatise on spirituality that is not just for monks, but for anyone serious about living a true spiritual life.
This book has been completely reprinted and reformatted in conformity with the original, it is not a facsimile reprint.
“The present treatise on prayer was first of all printed privately in the French language, and was intended exclusively for the instruction of the daughters of St Benedict. All souls, however, who are aiming at perfection may derive profit and edification from its pages. The spirit of the venerable Abbot Gueranger breathes through the whole work. What this distinguished man thought on the all-important subject of prayer, what he expressed in his conferences, and what he wrote in many parts of his classical work, “The Liturgical Year,” is found here systematically arranged. Some of the chapters are real masterpieces.
-Mgr. Paul Leopold Haffner, Bishop of Mayence, September 10, 1896.”

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St. Thérèse and the Faithful

ISBN: 0692320164
St. Thérèse and the Faithful is a phenomenal work of devotion to help understand the teaching of the doctor of the Little Way. Benedict Williamson considers from the saint’s writings what the Little Way consists in, and how it can be lived by faithful throughout the world. Sainthood is not for only a select few, it is for all, and St. Thérèse helps us see how it is every Catholic can embrace the call to holiness given by Christ in the Gospel: “Be ye perfect as your heavenly father is perfect.”
St. Thérèse declared that she would let fall a shower of roses after her death. This book is indeed such a rose, a gift to anyone who struggles to live a deeply spiritual life by providing them a short-cut by the way of humility, trust and love of God.

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