The Franciscan Way of the Cross

Franciscan Way of the Cross
Franciscan Way of the Cross

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Translated by Ryan Grant
ISBN: 0692238409
42 Pages

Translated exactly according to the original Latin, the Franciscan way of the Cross is a simple and beautiful way to unite yourself with the passion of Christ in the same manner that St. Francis did. Written by an anonymous Franciscan in the middle ages to give retreats, Mediatrix Press provides the first accurate translation of the Franciscan stations, embodying the spirit of simplicity and having as its goal the true love of Jesus Christ.





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The Franciscan Way of the Cross is a shorter meditation on the Way of Christ to Calvary. The devotion itself largely goes back to St. Francis, while the prayers and meditations contained here were written in the 16th century and have been used by Franciscans when preaching missions. Newly translated to be as close to the Latin as possible, this way of the Cross will help draw you in to the mystery of Christ’s passion. Being in Latin and English, it gives the devotee options as to how he will pray it. In addition, the Seven Joys of Mary, which make up the Franciscan Crown or Seraphic Rosary have also been added, with the mysteries and prayers likewise in both Latin and English. Since the devotion of the Way of the Cross originated with the Franciscans, it is fitting to offer this work to draw the devotee back to the source of this devotion.