The Collected Works of St. Augustine in Latin

Saint_Augustine_by_Philippe_de_ChampaigneOpera Omnia S. Augustini Hipponensis

We are pleased to offer the beginnings of what will be the Collected Works of St. Augustine, completely in Latin, for affordable prices!

Finding Augustine in print can be pricey. We publish the text from Migne’s Patrologia Latina, in a reprinted (not facsimile) format. Some of the other features of the work are digraphs, a wide page format and easy readability.

Currently we sell St. Augustine’s great spiritual work, the Confessions, as well as his treatise on the Trinity, De Trinitate. The next volume which will appear in this series will be St. Augustine’s Sermons, and following that the Letters.

Saint Augustine’s Confessions are a classic of Western Civilization which have influenced men since the very date they were written. More than a catalog of the great saint’s former life, it is an exploration of philosophy, the nature of man, the nature of God, justice, forgiveness and divine love itself.

De Trinitate is a classic work of Theology and one of the most complete in the ancient world.

For the hundreds who have purchased our edition of Confessions, you will appreciate the same formatting: wide pages, 12 pt font, and the Migne text with headings explaining the chapter and section of the work. We have been working on this gradually for a few months. Complete reprint! Not a messy facsimile with smudges or other errors.




De_trinitateDe Trinitate

De Trinitate
De Trinitate