The Pious Union of St. Joseph


The Pious Union of St. Joseph

The Pious Union of St. Joseph was founded many years ago for the purpose of effectually helping the Dying to obtain through the intercession of St. Joseph, the Patron of the Dying, the grace of a Happy Death.

This Pious Union already existed some years when Pope St. Pius X, by an Apostolic Letter, dated February 12, 1914, raised a similar Association, erected in the newly built church of St. Joseph in Rome, to the dignity of an Arch-Confraternity with the faculty of aggregating similar Societies, so that they may also enjoy all the Indulgences and Privileges granted to the Arch- Confraternity.

In this Apostolic Letter Pope Pius X speaks of the purpose of the Society in Honor of St. Joseph for the Dying in these beautiful words: “Desirous to show more manifestly how much we consider the purpose of this Society worthy of every praise, We wish that Our name be inscribed first of all among the members of the same and at the same time We exhort all the beloved Brethren of the Priesthood not to neglect daily to remember in the Divine Sacrifice those who are hard pressed by the struggle of death, and, furthermore, We advise all the faithful, especially the religious men and women, that they accustom themselves to pour forth special prayers to God and to St. Joseph for the Dying; for, if it is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead who, though delivered to the cleansing flames, have reached the port of Salvation, it seems to be no less commendable solicitude to implore help from heaven for those miserable ones that are placed in the last conflict upon which depends their eternity.”

The Pious Union of St. Joseph is a manual for living out these ideals fully and faithfully with prayer and devotion, covering all parts of a Christian’s day.