The Catechism Explained by Stories and Examples by Fr. Spirago


The Catechism Explained by Stories and Examples by Fr. Spirago

From the author of The Catechism Explained: An Exhaustive explanation of Christian Doctrine, now comes the Catechism Explained: By Stories and Examples. This classic work draws from saints, classical antiquity, medieval and early modern figures, and cultural stories to illustrate what the teachings of the Catholic faith are. Fr. Spirago, in his introduction notes:

“The great value of examples and illustrations in teaching children and the uneducated is universally acknowledged. The Romans used to say: Verba movent, exempla trahent (Words influence, examples attract). The reason for this is that examples stimulate the imitative instinct, which is strong in most people, especially in the young; consequently they are a powerful factor in education. In imparting instruction, also, examples are of no slight assistance, for they serve to elucidate the teaching, to render the lesson interesting and attractive, and keep the attention of the scholar from wandering. The teacher need only say: Now, children, I am going to tell you a story, and all eyes are forthwith fixed on him.”

Spirago’s wonderful volume of Catechetical Stories has been arranged around the question and answer format of the Baltimore Catechism. Thus, each question and answer of the Catechism has accompanied by a series of stories illustrating its teaching, drawn from the depths of Catholic Tradition. This new addition has been supplemented by stories from the lives of the saints and historical anecdotes.