St. Felix of Cantalice


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St. Felix of Cantalice


Continuing our work to increase works on saints from various religious orders, we have for you another obscure saint you never heard of before but should have!

St. Felix of Cantalice was a Capuchin Franciscan in the 16th century. Placed among great personages such as St. Philip Neri, St. Charles Borromeo, and others, St. Felix

lived a life of poverty and fidelity to the rule of St. Francis. Born in

1515, he lived as a farm worker until he was 28, when he became a

Capuchin. He not only begged alms, but gladly distributed them to the

poor. It was said that his alms sack was as bottomless as his heart. He

walked bare-foot through the streets of Rome, and his response to anyone

that gave him alms was “Deo Gratias,” or “Thank God.” Thus he earned

his name. St. Felix also became known as a great healer.

Amabel Kerr (author of the Life of Cardinal Baronius and other books) writes a

deep, spiritual account of the holy Capuchin which moves the reader

toward the love of God page by page.

You will discover:

-St. Felix’s deep prayer life and love of Christ and His Virgin Mother;

-St. Felix’s continual service to the poor, though owning nothing himself;

-How the saint reminded Church dignitaries and the wealthy of their obligations to Christ and the Church;

-The deep interior life of the saint.

This book is a must have for anyone that loves Franciscan spirituality as well as history.