On Canonizations by St. Robert Bellarmine


On Canonizations by St. Robert Bellarmine


In our continuing work to translate St. Robert Bellarmine’s Opera Omnia, we are pleased to announce the coming publication of On the Canonization of the Saints, which is book 1 of On the Church Triumphant. Later in the year we plan on releasing the other books, which are on Relics, Images and Churches.

In this work, Bellarmine meets the attack of Protestantism against Catholic teaching on the saints, firstly on their own ground with sound Scriptural Exegesis, backed up by the witness of the Greek and Latin Church.

The great counter-reformation doctor begins the work with a treatise on whether the souls of the saints receive a particular judgment and go to heaven or await for the end of time suspended as it were in some hidden place; then what canonization is, who does it and what is its authority; then lastly, whether the saints may be venerated and invoked.

NB: If you’ve donated to the Bellarmine project, you can expect to receive this on ebook or in hardcover depending on your donation.