Mariology: 3 Volume Set


Mariology: 3 Volume Set

We are pleased to announce our republication of Mariology, edited by Fr. Juniper Carol, OFM. This was published in three volumes and constituted one of the very finest works of Marian theology prior to the Second Vatican Council, begun during the Marian Year in 1954.

  • Volume I deals with the history and sources of Mariology. The unique competence of Fr. Carol, first president of the Mariological Society, as well as the extensive theological background of the contributors guarantee the order and soundness of the selected essays … This volume can be a good refresher-course for the priest-theologian and a newly opened mine of information for the layman. The introductory volume offers treatises on: Mary in the documents of the Magisterium; Mary in the Old Testament; Mary in the New Testament; Mary in Eastern and Western Patristic Thought; Mary in the Liturgy; and many more subjects, heavily footnoted and wonderfully presented.
  • Volume II as a whole maintains the scholarly character of the first volume, delving into Mariology as such. Namely, the principal doctrines in the theology of Mary. This considers the key doctrines of the Immaculate Conception, Perpetual Virginity, Assumption, Mediation, etc. With essays from 13 scholars of international repute, volume II explains in scientific detail the heart of Mariology, its nature in preserving authentic teaching about the person of Jesus Christ, and the sources deep within the tradition from the Fathers, the Scholastics, Baroque theology and contemporary understanding enlightened by the Magisterium.
  • Volume III treats the world-wide phenomenon of devotion to Mary from its beginnings to the present day. Specifically, the subject is considered by: feasts, days, months dedicated to our Lady; in prayers, especially the Rosary; in the Scapular, De Montfort, Immaculate Heart, and other prominent devotions; in the religious orders, congregations, confraternities, associations, sodalities dedicated to her; in the societies, centers, libraries, publications, congresses devoted to the study of her prerogatives.

This work is an indispensable reference that has been out of reach for too long. Mediatrix Press has taken the time to completely and accurately reproduce the text, as well as to restore the original order of the essays intended by Fr. Carol. Below we have the table of contents for the original volumes to give the sense of the breath of subjects covered in the work.