Dominican Life


Dominican Life

Dominican Life, by the French Dominican Joret, is a masterful treatise for Dominican Tertiaries or anyone who with an affinity for St. Dominic and his sons to seek union with the Divine Will through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Children of this family of St. Dominic, forming themselves on the traditions and examples of seven centuries, are bound together within God’s Church by ties that transcend differences of race and language and are more enduring than the bonds of earthly kinship.

This book is intended as a guide and manual to teach the spirit of St. Dominic so that the reader might learn more about the Dominican Order and absorb its spirit. Although it was written for lay Dominicans, it will prove instructive and useful to all members of the Dominican Order as well as any laity interested in finding the character and spiritual charism of St. Dominic.

Tracing the nature of the Dominican Tertiary’s profession, Joret then goes on to consider solidarity with the order, Christ and the Blessed Virgin, the Mass and Breviary, Prayer life, conforming life to Christ through the order, and the significance of the colors of the Dominican habit.

This new edition has been completely re-typeset in full agreement with the original. English spelling of words has been maintained from the original.