New! Antichrist by St. Robert Bellarmine


by St. Robert Bellarmine
Translated by Ryan Grant
with a foreword by Fr. Philip Wolfe
223 pages

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St. Robert Bellarmine
Translated by Ryan Grant
With a Foreword by Fr. Philip Wolfe, FSSP

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In Antichrist, St. Robert Bellarmine turns his deep knowledge, scholarship and devotion to the Holy Church toward the task of refuting what was in that time the dogma of all Protestantism, namely, that the Pope is the Antichrist. Bellarmine, in argument after argument, shows both how Antichrist cannot be the Pope and who he really will be based first and foremost on the testimony of Holy Scripture, secondly on the Fathers of the Church, thirdly from the Theologians and reason.

From the Foreword:

I am delighted that the eschatological mission of the Holy Fathers Enoch and Elias, so well testified to in Sacred Tradition, but virtually forgotten in our day and age, will become more widely known. “We owe a real debt of gratitude to Ryan Grant for bringing this work to a wider audience. I pray that it receives a very wide reading. -Fr. Philip Wolfe, FSSP

What others are saying: (continuously updated)

Mr. Grant has once again done the Catholic world a great favor by making available yet another mini-treatise of the great Counter-Reformation Doctor, St. Robert Bellarmine, rightly feared by all the Protestant controversialists as one who shreds every anti-Catholic argument with cogent reasoning and an encyclopedic knowledge of Scripture and Tradition. This translation of the saint’s probing commentary on the identity and work of Antichrist is more pertinent than ever, not only because the Protestant arguments he is dealing with have never entirely disappeared, but also because we are living in an age of exponentially intensifying evil that might well make many Catholics wonder if we are living in the end times. Since Antichrist is the very herald of the end times, it behooves us to study carefully his features and characteristics, as drawn for us by St. Paul and other inspired authors. -Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, Wyoming Catholic College

Here is a timely book for an age when many are looking around for the Antichrist, often seeing foreshadowings of him here and there. Is he alive? Is he walking the earth? In seeking to answer these questions, many in the past (i.e., various Protestants leaders and writers) have actually aided his coming by becoming Antichrist themselves. To avoid this pitfall, read this excellent book penned by a holy doctor of the Church. —Fr. Sean Kopczynski, MSJB

In the history of the writings about the Antichrist, other than the Fathers, the text of St. Robert Bellarmine is of prime importance.
-Fr. Chad Ripperger, PhD

This is an excerpt for On the Roman Pontiff, vol. 2, which will appear soon. This translation of Antichrist is the first translation of this work into English in 400 years.