ingresso_trionfale_di_enrico_iv_a_parigi_rubensMediatrix Press is a small family run imprint dedicated to bringing good Catholic books back in print as well as the translation of titles not seen before in English. All the proceeds from book sales go directly to supporting our growing family.

Why go to the trouble to do this?

There are tons of great books which are out of print, usually for no good reason other than becoming obscure in that great break of the 1970s where so much was forgotten about and not passed on to the next generation. Our goal is to bring these back in print.

In addition there are many works in Latin which have been forgotten due to the lack of Latinity prevalent these days. Our goal is to provide these to Catholics for affordable prices. We are also hard at work producing titles in easy to read Latin formats.

Our Mission is to provide not only good, but beautiful Catholic books. Too often reprints are done in bad facsimile copies by secular companies, with no aim at making a beautiful cover, or beautiful contents but charge lots of money for them nonetheless. We wish to find and reprint titles for Catholics today so as to nourish the faith as well as to preserve so many works from the Tradition.

How to Order Our Books

We publish from a print on demand service, and everything automatically loads to Amazon. However, since some people have objections to purchasing books on Amazon (many of which I share), we now offer sale through the website, via paypal. All you need to do is follow the links next to the book listings. It is not necessary to have or create a paypal account, and we will never see your payment information, which is far more secure than even ordering pizza. 😉 Shipping is automatically determined by your zipcode and how much you order, so the first book is a flat rate, everything else combines after that. We will also have some special sales carried out through paypal, as well as bulk ordering, which you will be able to see on the menu bar as they appear.

We are always expanding our titles, both reprints and original titles, so check back soon!