Bible and 20160428_114404Labor, by Joseph Husslein, S.J., Ph.D.

Written for the Department of Social Action of the National Catholic Welfare Conference

Social Action Series IV

Published April 4, 1924, First Edition

Another timely reprint, this instructional volume is an in depth overview on the morals of social justice, going all the way back to the days of Moses. How have God’s people treated one another throughout the centuries? An excerpt from the foreword:

“In Samaria and Jerusalem of old we behold, under outward difference of time and place, essential problems of our day. In the long succession of those striking and heroic figures, the Prophets of Israel and Judah, we stand face to face with God’s appointed spokesmen on the great issues of our own age, no less than of theirs. In the Mosaic legislation on the ownership of land among the Jews, we come upon the most remarkable and instructive of all property regulations in the annals of mankind. And finally, in the gradual material progress of the Hebrew race, from the nomadic days of the Patriarchs to the lavish splendors of the court of Solomon we view, in colorful scenes, the unfolding picture of social evolution, followed by a decline and catastrophe no less typical in the annals of the human race.”

This is an excellent treatise on work and economics in the Bible, and vindicates true Catholic social teaching.

221 pages, difficult scan, minimum fee $250