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Mariology, edited by Fr. Juniper Carol, OFM, is one of the last very excellent works of Mariology prior to Vatican II. It is absolute and complete, looking at Mary in Old Testament typology and New Testament revelation, and also carries out a deep theological explanation of all the doctrines of the Church’s Marian teaching. Additionally, the Blessed Virgin in the Liturgy and how the liturgy is itself a criterion of true teaching on Our Lady.

The depth of these volumes is truly staggering, and that much sadder that it has been out of print so long. It delves in to deep discussion of the historical conditions that caused the discussion of the Marian teachings, the teachings of the Fathers and Councils and the implications which were later developed.

This work is a massive undertaking, but much needed today. Each volume is in excess of 400 pages and this is a lot of work as far as scanning, and tremendously more in editing. The lion’s share of the donation is going to my editor to correct the OCR. Any assistance here will help us get this book out faster!