Dublin, Ireland

Mediatrix Press gets frequent requests to republish certain books which we would LOVE to acquiesce to. As freelance workers, my wife and I can pick up work to support our family when we need it, which, of late, has been often, as our various projects, such as the Bellarmine translation, require a goodly amount of the funds we receive from our book sales and generous donations, but leave little for us to do important things like pay bills, buy groceries, that sort of thing.
If we can budget two months ahead, however, we will know how much work we can afford to put into our books and how much is required for us to work at our other jobs. Hence, we would like to introduce you to our new idea, our Adopt-A-Book program.

It will work like this: we will share pictures, excerpts, and some interesting history about the books we are waiting on, and then the minimum amount of $$ we would need beforehand to be able to concentrate on getting it published. Whether multiple patrons would like to go in on adopting a book, or one particular patron would like to take it up, they will receive:

  1. Their name in the frontispiece along with a request for prayers for the generous benefactor[s]
  2. Three copies of the finished work in paperback, which will give our book’s patron a copy to keep and some to gift.
  3. Patron[s] will be added to our daily rosary intentions and our monthly mass for the lovely friends of Mediatrix Press.

With our plate relatively clear, it takes roughly a week to produce a book from scanning to getting a proof (this is working full time, 8 hours a day on the book). Some books may take longer depending upon the cleanness of the copy and the formatting necessary (e.g. bad prints require more editing work or British quotation system needs to be reformatted to the American). -We have added new content to our FAQ tab about what kind of work reprinting a book entails, if you would like to see just how much time is involved in reprinting books-

Then, after investigating which book(s) you would like to become the generous sponsor of, Adopt-A-Book by clicking on the paypal button on each individual book’s page (for inquiries on how to adopt a book by check, email us at e-mail_picture)

For partial adoption, just send the amount you can afford and we’ll hold it until the rest is ponied up, then we’ll proceed. We’ll keep you notified as to the progress of your adopted book.

May God reward you.

Current Projects

Each of these titles may be seen in more detail by clicking on them. (N.B. We are still building the links, they should all be up soon.)

Life and Times of Junipero Serra (in 2 volumes)

Rome and the Counter-Reformation in England

The Public Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ, vol. 2

The Life of Pope Leo XIII

The History of St. Norbert

Successor of St. Dominic: the Life of Blessed Jordan of Saxony

High Points of Medieval Culture

The Bible and Labor

Scholastic Metaphysics

St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Religious Instruction and Education

The Life of Pius IX

The All Souls Forget Me Not

The Pious Union in Honor of St. Joseph

The Handbook of the Christian Religion – Wilmers, S.J.

St. Therese Returns: A Defense of Fundamental Catholic Teachings most frequently attacked; Fr. Albert H. Dolan, O.Carm.

A Modern Messenger of Purity: Talks to the Laity concerning the Sixth Commandment; Fr. Albert H. Dolan, O.Carm.

St. Dominic’s Successor: The Life of Jordan of Saxony (1955)

Pius XII and Technology