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August 19th
St. Louis of Toulouse, Confessor, First Order

The son of Charles II of Naples and Sicily, Louis was born in 1274 and named after his uncle, the holy king of France. It was the great concern of his mother, the niece of St. Elizabeth, to rear her many children as true servants of the King of Kings. The devout queen observed in […]

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August 18th
Blessed Beatrice Da Silva, Virgin, Second Order

  Beatrice was born of Portuguese parents at Ceuta on Moroccan soil, and manifested a special attachment to our Immaculate Mother very early in life. At the court of the king of Castile she was persecuted and cast into prison by a jealous queen, but by the visible intervention of the Immaculate Queen of heaven […]

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Mediatrix Press is happy to welcome our first Book Club subscribers! We will be shipping out your hardcover copy of The Seraphic Order over the next few days. We will be sending out emails with an order confirmation and tracking numbers shortly. If you have not seen the book review yet that Ryan and Friar […]

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August 17th
St. Roch of Montpellier, Confessor, Third Order

Roch was the only son of a wealthy nobleman in France, who seems to have been governor of the town of Montpellier. In answer to the persevering prayers of the parents, this child was granted to them. His future career was indicated by a birthmark in the form of a red cross that was deeply […]

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Saint Clare of Assisi, Virgin, Second Order

At the beginning of the thirteenth century, when luxury and sensuality held sway, St. Francis of Assisi made his appearance, giving to men the example of a poor and penitential life. But God wished also to give the vain and pleasure-loving women of that period an example of contempt of the world’s vanities. For this […]