Simeon Lourdel: Planting the Faith in the Furthest Africa

Simeon Lourdel
Simeon Lourdel

Fr. Simeon Lourdel: Planting the Faith in the Furthest Africa, tells the story of a tall and imposing missionary with a heart of gold. Lourdel, a French missionary priest, became the Apostle of Uganda. In his short life, Fr. Lourdel had transformed the landscape of the entire country. The charity, the tact and prudence of the missionary were taxed to the utmost. When after years of patient toil, he had the consolation of reaping the first fruits of his conquests for Christ, behold—a cruel and sudden persecution visited the newly established Christian Community, and in an instant, he had the untold sorrow of seeing his mission swept by fire and drenched in blood. Midst this awful upheaval, the faith and the charity of the apostle waxed the stronger; at the peril of his life, the good shepherd remained close to his flock, encouraging them by day and by night, preparing them for the crown of martyrdom that was soon to be theirs. He hoped too that he would be allowed to share the sufferings of his children and to die with them in testimony for the Faith. But though repeatedly threatened with death and suffering, imprisonment twice—his cross—and could a heavier one be imagined?—was to witness the oppressing, and the slaying of his beloved neophytes. Mother F.A. Forbes tells the story of Uganda’s first Apostle in a beautiful yet simple to read account that will inspire as well as uplift.

Pope Innocent III and His Times

The Life and Times of Pope Innocent III
Joseph Clayton
With a New Introduction by Phillip Campbell

ISBN-13: 978-1535231619
ISBN-10: 1535231610



Pope Innocent III was the most energetic and iconic Pope of the Middle ages. To say Innocent III epitomizes the character of the age is no overstatement. He is frequently cited in medieval textbooks as the exemplification of a powerful papacy at the height of its temporal influence. His teachings on the relation between the sacerdotium and imperium summarize the best of the medieval tradition, often referred to as the Two Sword theory (cf. Luke 22:38), where the two swords held by St. Peter represent the temporal and spiritual authority, both of which are in the keeping of the Church – though one is delegated to the state. In his actions in relation to the great figures of his time, Pope Innocent III is the dominant figure, determining the direction of Christendom by his assent or dissent. He received England as a feudal fief from King John, bartered with the patrimony of the Hohenstaufen emperors to strengthen the power of the Church, summoned crusades, chartered the University of Paris, gave the world the Franciscan Order, and called the greatest ecumenical council of the Middle Ages. His very life and thought characterized the 13th century.

Author Joseph Clayton attempts to paint the picture of the times and the man in a very easy to read yet thorough narrative, succinctly relating the issues of the day and Innocent’s importance in them.

This work is a reprint, not a facsimile, and has been re-typset to adhere closely to the original, with many of the beautiful layout effects that you have come to expect from Mediatrix Press.

New! The Age of Hatred: ISIS, Iran and the New Middle East


ISIS, Iran and the New Middle East

by Jack Caravelli
and Jordan Foresi

ISBN-10: 0692710116
ISBN-13: 978-0692710111



Age_of_hate_frontThe Age of Hatred: ISIS, Iran and the New Middle East

by Jack Caravelli
and Jordan Foresi
ISBN: 978-1-365-42993-4


Mediatrix Press is pleased to announce its first book on contemporary history and Geo-politics.

The Middle East, always a cauldron of political instability and religious strife, in recent years has become ever more dangerous. The problems are numerous and varied, including a widening Sunni-Shia religious divide, the rise of the terrorist group ISIS which threatens the region while transporting its message of hatred into Europe and beyond, the ascendancy of Iran as a regional force, Russian military intervention in Syria and the loosening of US ties to former allies Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

In the Middle East, these events have created an age of hatred. These factors also are transforming the Middle East into a hydra-headed threat to US and Western interests, posing a series of policy challenges that have yet to be fully articulated. In this landmark book, Caravelli and Foresi take a comprehensive, unvarnished and objective look at the political, military and cultural factors that are creating the new Middle East. Their insights will help shape the debate as America prepares for a new president while others in the West seek ways to enhance their own security.

Age_of_hate_frontDr. Jack Caravelli is a national security expert, having served as a senior career officer in the US government, including postings on the White House National Security Council Staff, and at the CIA and Department of Energy. He is the author of three previous books on US foreign policy, including “Nuclear Insecurity” (2007), “Beyond Sand & Oil: The Nuclear Middle East” (2011) and “Il Califfato Nero” published in Italian in 2015. Caravelli is a visiting professor at the UK Defense Academy and has lectured at Oxford University. He appears regularly on national television and radio programs and is currently a Managing Partner for the Trilateral Group, an international consulting and advisory firm.

Jordan Leo Foresi is an Italian-American broadcast journalist, author, and television personality at SkyTg24 in Rome, Italy. He was New York correspondent for the same network from 2006-2009. His areas of expertise also include European politics and the Middle East.