A Presidency under PRESSure: Trump’s first 100 days

A Presidency under Pressure
A Presidency under Pressure

The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States was unprecidented. The media and the polls predicted a comfortable win for Hillary Clinton while many celebrated the first woman president; until the returns came in and she wasn’t. What followed was a very public struggle between the humiliated media and the belleagured president-elect for whom, while he was a relative newcommer, it can be rightly said it was not his first rodeo. Through claims of Russian hacking, racism and protests and in return, cries of bias, negativity and “fake news”, the two were locked in a stand-off of mutual disrespect.
Now, with the first 100 days behind us, author and historian Jake Eberlein takes on the task of documenting the protests, tweets, deals and squeals through the eyes of the media and White House press conferences to document just how the media covered the new president and how the latter struggled to control his public image and be faithful to campagin promises.

Jake Eberlein possesses a master’s degree in history from the Uinversity of Nebraska. He currently resides in Idaho with his wife and children.