The Life and Times of Junipero Serra Volumes 1 and 2

serra4The Saintly Priest Fr. Junipero Serra literally walked up and down the entire state of California over 50 times in his lifetime, many of those times limping the entire way, suffering from arthritic knees and various leg injuries. On his way, he blessed every inch of land he touched, founded 21 missions and converted thousands of natives to the one true Faith.

Devoted to St. Francis of Assisi, he took the name of Junipero after the name of St. Francis’ most devoted friend, Brother Juniper, and lived a life of complete simplicity and humility. This two-volume work about his life, written by Fr. Maynard Geiger, O.F.M. for the Monograph Series in the Publications of the Academy of American Franciscan History, is absolutely rich with the history of the Missions and their founder.

Serra3The Life and Times of Junipero Serra by Fr. Maynard Geiger, O.F.M., in two volumes, being volume 5 and 6 in the Publications of the Academy of the American Franciscan History. Monograph Series Vol 1 448 pages and Vol 2 508 pages

There is a neat story behind the acquisition of these two books which we would like to reprint. When Mrs. Grant was 14, her family spent two years thoroughly studying the California Missions and traveled to 13 of them, some of them multiple times. Fr. Geiger’s work on these volumes was quoted or mentioned hundreds of times by the tour guides or in films they watched of the missions, so his name became quite familiar to the family over this time.


One day, she was at a library in the middle of the desert, a very out of the way library, in a town called Rosamond… near Edwards Air Force Base… the Mojave Desert… it’s really in the middle of nowhere, and they had a shelf of old books they were selling. She quickly examined them and found both these volumes, hardcover, original editions, for $0.25. She bought them, and upon examining them closer at home, found that they were BOTH signed by the author… Fr. Maynard Geiger.

These volumes will be meticulously, carefully scanned, OCRd, re-formatted, and republished with all illustrations and numerous footnotes.

serra1From start to finish we estimate this to take about 4 weeks to have ready to purchase. The minimum adoption fee for the two volumes is $1000, but we will work on Volume 1 with a $500 installment, and continue with Volume II upon receipt of a second $500 installment. Volume 1 is 448 pages with copious footnotes; Volume II is 508 pages, also with copious footnotes. This particular set is definitely worthy of being in hardcover, but in order to achieve that we would need and additional $300 in order to purchase the ISBNs for that (since they are not provided) and to reformat.

See our new FAQ section on the website for information on what reprinting a book like this entails.

Volume 1

Volume 2

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