St. Alphonsus Liguori – Theologia Moralis

Mediatrix Press is pleased to announce we are nearing completion of the first volume of the eagerly awaited translation of St. Alphonsus Liguori’s Theologia Moralis, or Moral Theology.

St. Alphonsus is the Church’s moral doctor. His work, bringing together the commentary of the moral theologians of his day, holds the middle ground between rigorism and laxism.

The first volume will contain books 1 – 3, covering Conscience, then Law, followed by sin, and then the Theological Virtues.

In each article, St. Alphonsus begins with the commentary of Henry Busembaum, a Jesuit whose work the saint highly favored, and combines with it the commentary of all the moral theologians, dividing opinions into the more probable, less probable, and even those that are erroneous or must be avoided, citing St. Thomas Aquinas most frequently throughout.

The first volume is expected out in February. More details will be forthcoming.

We need to raise funds, however, to complete this project. A lot of work goes into the Translation as well as the editing and layout. The first volume will have approximately 600 pages, and the other volumes much more.

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***Current Status***

Volumes are where the books will appear in the English edition:

Volume I:
Book 1 (Conscience, Law); Book 2 (Sin); Book 3 (Virtue);

Volume II:
Book 4 (Ten Commandments, 1-6)
Translating and editing

Volume III:
Book 4 (cont.) On the Seventh Commandment, De Justitia et Jure

Volume IV
Book 4 (cont.) On the 8th-10th Commandments. Book 5 (On particular precepts dealing with clergy);

Volume V:
Book 6 (Sacraments in General, Baptism Conf. Eucharist).

Volume VI:
Book 6 (Cont.) On the Penance, Extreme Unction, Order, Matrimony

Volume VII
Praxis Confessari
Book 7 (Censures: excommunication, suspension, irregularity, etc.)
Examination of those to be Ordained; Epitome of Moral and Canonical Doctrine from the works of Benedict XIV
Decrees of the Roman Pontiff and their Bearing on Moral Theology,
The Index of Forbidden Books, select questions