A Modern Messenger of Purity; St. Therese Returns

20160428_114436A Modern Messenger of Purity, By Albert H. Dolan, O.Carm

Talks to the laity concerning the sixth commandment

Delivered at the Eastern Shrine of the Little Flower by the Reverend Albert H Dolan O. Carm. Founder and Eastern Director of the Society of the Little Flower

Published 1932 (our copy is from the fifth printing, 1940) 188 pages

St. Therese lovers, you will have found an absolute gem in this little book. Fr. Dolan’s talks on how to apply St. Therese’s Little Way in every aspect of our lives was so popular back in the 30s and 40s that he was pressed into publishing three volumes of them, one of which is this book. They were hugely popular, thousands and thousands sold, five printings ordered. And now they are virtually impossible to find. They were hastily and cheaply made, flimsy pasteboard cover and stapled/glued together, so very few survived the 80+ years since they were last printed, but we have a pristine copy not only of this book, but also the other two (see our other posts).

From the cover:

“In these talks we shall keep in mind those Catholic young men and women who, although they loyally admit the beauty of the Catholic ideal of purity, nevertheless profess that they cannot live up to it, and that they do not understand why such teaching should be given. I shall explain Why”


“In explaining how to observe the Sixth Commandment, we shall not confine ourselves to a series of ‘donts’.


“We shall answer the question of parents: ‘What can I do or say to help my boy or girl in this matter?’ “

A timely book for this period in history, so defiled with impurity so as to deserve to be completely wiped out by the hand of God’s wrath.

We suggest $180 for this book.

20160428_114511St. Therese Returns, by Reverend Albert H. Dolan, O.Carm.

A defense of the fundamental Catholic teachings most frequently attacked

First printing, 1932

Another set of wonderful talks, delivered by the author in 1932 at the Eastern Shrine of the Little Flower in Englewood, N.J.

An excerpt from the Author’s Preface:

“The title of this book was suggested by the Little Flower’s prediction, “I will spend my Heaven doing good upon earth.” In fulfillment of that promise she has returned to earth continuously to relieve the suffering of the needy, to console the dying, to help the tempted and particularly to strengthen those tempted against faith. Her devotees here at her Eastern Shrine have professed to have been greatly strengthened in their faith by these sermons delivered under her patronage. Therefore, in dispelling their religious difficulties, in comforting their troubled minds, in acting as their Patron and Refugein temptations against faith, St. Therese has returned, as she promised.”

An excerpt from the Introduction:

“Christian Apologetics as a weapon of defense against the attacks which bigotry and unbelief make upon the Faith of our Fathers is as indispensable today to the average Catholic man and woman as are the beak and talon to the eagle, if he is to remain the undisputed sovereign of the air. Father Dolan’s book is just such a weapon and represents the latest model of the expert’s skill and workmanship. Where apologetic works are normally cumbersome and dry as dust, his is practical, dynamic and deadly in the blow it deals the antagonist. The old arguments in the recast receive new force, to make them cogent and compelling. Moreover it is a weapon, which is easily handled; the thinking is clear and can readily be absorbed and remembered by the reader when the occasion arises to state intelligently by the Catholic position on current questions.”

Suggested adoption fee for this book is $250