The Carthusian Rite: History and Ritual

Carthusian_rite_ebookThe Carthusian Rite – Ebook
History and Ritual
By Archdale A. King

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The Carthusian Rite is one of the most ancient and least changed rites in the history of the Religious Orders of the Church. This work gives, along with a general history of the order, a study of the rite, its spirituality and an examination of the ordinary of the Carthusian Mass.

This work is excerpted from Archdale A. King’s Liturgy of the Religious Orders, which will be reprinted whole by Mediatrix Press, and from which more excerpts will be taken. The future editions will be: “The Cistercian Rite”, the “Norbertine Rite”, the “Carmelite Rite” and the “Dominican Rite”.