The Work of Theology by Francisco Muñiz, O.P.

Work_of_theologyThe Work of Theology

by Francisco Muñiz, O.P.
Translated by John Reid, O.P.
80 pages
ISBN-10: 0692464743

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Eminent Thomistic Theologian Francisco Muñiz, O.P. explains in this little volume what Theology is, how it differs from other sciences and how it is above them. Moreover, Muñiz makes careful distinctions in presenting what Theology is not.

“In his conception of the nature of Theology, St. Thomas differs considerably from most modern authors. Modern authors generally conceive of Theology as a science which deduces conclusions from truths formally and explicitly revealed. They construct the whole edifice of theological science on this analogy: Faith stands to Theology in the  supernatural order in the same relationship as the habit of first principles stands to the habit of science in the natural order.” [From page 15]

Fr. Muñiz continues to demonstrate how Theology should be done:

Thus the entire field of divine revelation is adequately divided into two parts. The first part is the field of truths revealed in an explicit and formal manner; faith alone looks to truths of this sort. The other part is the field of truths only virtually revealed, with these only Theology is occupied. Since the science of Theology treats of truths deduced by discourse from revealed doctrine, it is evident that its formal light is virtual revelation or the virtual existence of conclusions in revealed truths, or else the very truths of faith, as they offer these conclusions.

This excellent little volume has been reprinted from the original, it is not a facsimile. It also has the classical 17th century look which you can expect from Mediatrix press (excepting the s that looks like an f, most people hate those). The work is short but excellent, though study of St. Thomas is recommended for terms and distinctions before engaging this work.