On Councils – Bellarmine

On Councils
St. Robert Bellarmine, S.J.
Translated by Ryan Grant

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Mediatrix Press continues its work to publish St. Robert Bellarmine’s Theological works in English for the first time. We are pleased to announce that On Councils is nearly completed.

St. Robert Bellarmine began his doctrinal writings on the Word of God, to show that Scripture is not a judge of controversies since it is not a self-interpreting book. But if Scripture is not a judge of Controversies, then who is? Christ—except that Christ is not on earth as He was during his earthly ministry, so how does he judge controversies? Through his vicar, which is the subject of On the Roman Pontiff, to show how the Pope judges controversies and that he is the visible head of the Church. Moreover, what is the Church that the Pope is over? This is the subject Bellarmine begins with in dealing with Councils.

What is a Council? What is its authority? What kind are there? Which Councils were general (ecumenical) Councils, and which ones were particular? What makes a Council valid? How authoritative are their teachings? What are their uses? All this and arguments against the Protestant conception of Councils, in his normal manner of quoting the Protestant argument exactly, and refuting it from Scripture, the Fathers, Tradition and reason.

We are preparing this to be the second volume of the Opera Omnia of St. Robert, combining it with On the Church Militant and On the Marks of the Church which have already been published. We will, however, release On Councils as a stand-alone work for those who have already bought these volumes. You can pre-order by following the links above, and help support the final editing of these volumes.