The Spiritual Life of Cardinal Merry del Val

The Spiritual Life of Merry Cardinal Del Val
By Rev. Jerome del Gal
Translated by Rev. Joseph A. McMullin
180 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0692337776

The Spiritual Life of Cardinal Merry del Val
By Rev. Jerome dal Gal
180 Pages
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Cardinal Merry del Val, the Secretary of State to St. Pius X was born into an aristocratic Anglo-Spanish family, the son of a diplomat and groomed for all the best things in this world. Instead, he worked for all the best things of the next world.

Cardinal del Val was known for his great humility, his spirituality, and absolute love of Jesus Christ. It is for this reason that Pope St. Pius X picked him for his secretary of state at a very young age. This is a truly amazing work, not just for an account of the saintly Cardinal, but as a work of spiritual reading and devotion.

The Mediatrix Press edition is the first reprint in 40 years. It has adhered to the format of the original, adding cream paper and dropcaps (those giant letters at the beginning of chapters in older books).