Latin by the Natural Method from Fr. Most is back in print!

Latin by the Natural Method

322 pages
ISBN-10: 0692473920


Latin by the Natural Method
Vol. 2
Fr. William Most
ISBN-13: 978-0692590072
ISBN-10: 0692590072
294 pages


New! Teacher’s Guide to Fr. Most Latin with answer key.



NB: The Teacher’s guide explains the method carried out in this series, as well as the pedagogical approach for both book 1 and book 2. After the chapter by chapter explanation, there is an answer key for the English to Latin exercises contained in both books, as well as a key for the Latin scrambles. This has been completely reformatted and typeset, it is not a facsimile!

Coming soon! Volume 3

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Latin by the Natural Method
Teacher’s Guide + Volume 1 + Volume 2 + Volume 3 (Coming soon)

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NB: Volume 3 will ship when it is complete.

From the Preface:

Most Americans who have studied Latin, with our priests and seminarians included, have employed this method, which they thought was ‘traditional’. But as something fully developed, this tradition scarcely goes farther back than 1880; and even in its beginnings it hardly antedates the seventeenth century.

In contrast to this method of grammatical analysis, Father Most’s textbooks reproduce much of the “natural method” by which children learn their native language. Hence, the significance of Father Most’s books is manifestly great for the Latin classes in any Catholic high schools or colleges. So much of our Catholic doctrine and culture have been deposited in Latin that we want many of our educated Catholics to be able to use Latin with ease. But the special significance of Father Most’s texts is for the Latin classes in our seminaries. Here the students still have much the same cogent motives to master the art of using Latin with ease as the pupils of the thirteenth or sixteenth century. They need it as an indispensable means of communicating thought in their higher studies, and afterwards throughout life. The objectives (knowledge about Latin and training of mind) and corresponding methods (grammatical analysis and translation) “traditional” since 1880 have taken over in our seminaries; and there too the students have been experiencing an ever growing inability to use Latin. Father Most’s textbooks can contribute much towards revolutionizing the teaching of Latin by bringing back, as the chief objective, the art of reading, writing, and (when desired) speaking Latin with ease.” [Preface]

Fr. Most’s textbooks start from a pedagogical method which is revolutionary in Latin instruction: the starting point is Later Latin (3-6th century), which Fr. Most considers more advanced than classical Latin by a simple principle: a language is effective at communicating its ideas in a clear manner with simpler vehicles. In the teacher’s guide, he makes his case for why Later Latin is more advanced in this than classical Latin, as the classical period was still evolving its vehicles and devices for communication. When he says this, Fr. Most is not attempting to belittle the importance of the silver and golden ages, but to simply note they are not per se the be all and end all of what is Latin. So he begins with Later Latin principles and grammar, and proceeds backward to reading the classical period at the end of book two and in book three. Thus, Fr. Most’s texts culminate in reading the prose of the classical period.

This is an excellent text applying the “natural method” with English language instruction to help the student read and understand Latin natively, with numerous vehicles for simplifying the necessary memorization as well as aiding in truly understanding Latin without constant need to look in a dictionary for rudimentary sentences.


Update: Thanks to a reader, we have acquired the tape-script for the otherwise unattainable tapes that accompanied these books. We will be working next year to reproduce the tape script on CD as well as for download. Keep this intention in your prayers!

The Collected Works of St. Augustine in Latin

Saint_Augustine_by_Philippe_de_ChampaigneOpera Omnia S. Augustini Hipponensis

We are pleased to offer the beginnings of what will be the Collected Works of St. Augustine, completely in Latin, for affordable prices!

Finding Augustine in print can be pricey. We publish the text from Migne’s Patrologia Latina, in a reprinted (not facsimile) format. Some of the other features of the work are digraphs, a wide page format and easy readability.

Currently we sell St. Augustine’s great spiritual work, the Confessions, as well as his treatise on the Trinity, De Trinitate. The next volume which will appear in this series will be St. Augustine’s Sermons, and following that the Letters.

Saint Augustine’s Confessions are a classic of Western Civilization which have influenced men since the very date they were written. More than a catalog of the great saint’s former life, it is an exploration of philosophy, the nature of man, the nature of God, justice, forgiveness and divine love itself.

De Trinitate is a classic work of Theology and one of the most complete in the ancient world.

For the hundreds who have purchased our edition of Confessions, you will appreciate the same formatting: wide pages, 12 pt font, and the Migne text with headings explaining the chapter and section of the work. We have been working on this gradually for a few months. Complete reprint! Not a messy facsimile with smudges or other errors.



We are working to make this available for Epub and Kindle.



De_trinitateDe Trinitate


We are also working on making this available on Epub and Kindle.