Today we begin a groundbreaking series of readings of St. Robert Bellarmine’s Exhortationes Domesticae, or Household Exhortations. These were a series of Spiritual Conferences given by St. Robert Bellarmine to his Jesuit confreres between 1583 and 1615 when he was no longer able to give them. The manuscripts were discovered by the Jesuit historian Van Ortray in the late 19th century and published in 1897. Mediatrix Press subscribers are fortunate that a) I have a copy, and b) I have been gradually making translations of them over the last year. These spiritual conferences of St. Robert have never been published in English before, and you will be the first to hear and understand them since St. Robert’s confreres first heard them 400 years ago.

Today’s exhortation is a short introduction of a series on the custody of the heart.

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