Mediatrix Press will be launching a Book Club on Monday, August 17, the Feast of St. Roch, Patron Saint of Plagues and Epidemics. This is a unique offering that has never been made by a traditional publisher before and we really think that it will provide a tremendous benefit for souls. The details of the book club are below. Another post will be made on Monday with a promo video that Keith Jones is producing.

Early sign-up for the Book Club is available today at

We are launching the Book Club with our latest book, The Seraphic Order. It is a Franciscan Book of Saints that uses the traditional calendar. It was written in 1931 by Fr. Marion A. Habig. Friar Anthony with the Marian Friars Minor, Ryan Grant, and Steve Cunningham did a review on Sensus Fidelium on the book which you can view here:

The Marian Friars Minor read The Seraphic Order daily after Compline. The book has a 1st, 2nd or 3rd order Saint for every day of the year. It really focuses on the virtues each Saint practiced, as well as imitating their virtues. Friar Anthony says that God profoundly uses the book in the Friary in His providence. He said something in the reading often relates to something from that day in the Friary.

People who sign up for the book club will receive a free hardcover copy of this book in the mail, before it is available to the general public. Each successive month the members of the club will receive another hardcover book in the mail.

The cost of the book club will be $50/mo. Subscribers also receive a ton of other benefits, listed below. We will have lower price tiers in the future once we build out the digital offering more. 

Book Club members will receive the following benefits:

  • At launch, new members will receive The Seraphic Order, a Traditional Franciscan Book of Saints
    • New members will also receive Fr. Ripperger’s new book: The Consensus of the Fathers and Theologians
  • Early access to future Mediatrix Press books
  • A hardcover book in the mail every month
  • Subscription to a newsletter from Ryan Grant and a special guest columnist, relating to that month’s book
  • Unlimited access to the Mediatrix Press Audio Library – all of Ryan Grant’s talks, future audiobooks, and readings from The Seraphic Order
  • Exclusive monthly interviews and live Q&A sessions with Ryan Grant and a special guest, relating to that month’s book
    • We have Hugh Owen from the Kolbe Center, and Ryan Grant lined up
  • An exclusive monthly podcast on Christian art history with Ryan Grant

We have many other future benefits planned for members of the book club. We have an audiobook library in the works, and would like to eventually have all of our books on audiobook and to offer book club members access to this library. We need early support for the book club now so that we can pay for this to happen. We have three books currently in the works that will be available over the next few months: Brother Deo Gratias: St. Felix of Cantalice, The True Story of the Sword and the Stone, and Walled In Light: The Life of St. Colette. These are being produced by professional voice actors. We are planning on having Bible Studies for Children available at launch.

The first subscribers to the book club will receive perpetual recognition on their profile in the online community that we are building around the club.

We also have a mobile app in the works which will have all of the currently announced digital offerings of the book club, as well as many other features.

Sign-up for the book club is available now at If you have any questions, you can contact Scott Reed, Managing Editor for Mediatrix Press at [email protected].

Ad Iesum Per Mariam

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