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pilgrimage-of-grace-bannerWhat follows is part 2 of my interview with Fr. Joannes Petrus on Revolution and counter-revolution, discussing in particular Free Masonry and the Occult, as well as the connection to Egypt, the recent Supreme Court Decision on homosexuality, lust in the culture, ecumenism and points for Traditional Catholics to avoid in taking up true authentic Counter-Revolution. Utterly fascinating.
You can find more sermons by Fr. Joannes Petrus at the St. Vincent Ferrer Foundation.

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Interview Notes:

Egypt and the Occult
Giordano Bruno and Hermeticism
Allistair Crowley
Free Masonry in decline
Tesla saw dc motor in his mind
Andrew Jackson Davis
Edgar Allen Poe, involved in the occult
Sir William Crooks recommended Seances
Karl Jung and the Occult
Jung’s Redbook
Libido Dominandi -E. Michael Jones (Caveat on Jones: he lacks some footnotes that I would have really liked to see in his research, even though it is a very good book)
DSM II removed Homosexuality
DSM V removes Pedophilia
University professors say Pedophilia is ok
1549 Prayerbook “Rebellion”
Books of the Machabees
Pro-family Rally in Rome lacks any clerical support
Cardinal Suenens: Vatican II was the French Revolution in the Church
Cardinal Ratzinger: Vatican II is reconciliation with 1789
Vatican II: An unwritten History – Roberto Mattei

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