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Noah_mToday we are joined by dom Noah Moerbeek, CPMO of the Milita Templi or Poor Knights of Christ. Noah talks about his order, what it is and what it is not as well as its spirituality. Moreover, Noah, has been a benefactor of this website, as well as the one who commissioned my translation of the Life of St. Galgano, which is now the only account in English of this saint who is one of the patrons of the Poor Knights of Christ.
Noah also runs Alleluia Audiobooks providing free audiobooks on saints and how to live a good Catholic life which are free.
NB: Opinions expressed elsewhere on this website are not necessarily those of Noah or his order.
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The Life of St. Galgano

Audiobook [Free]

Interview Notes:

Orders of Chivalry
More on Orders of Chivalry (wikipedia, decent account)
Spirituality and Liturgy of the Militia Templi
Members of the Poor Knights of Christ
The Milita’s work with Scouts
St. Mercurius
St. Basil and St. Mercurius
Audiobook on True Contrition
Interview 008 Fr. Ripperger
Interview 010 Jeff Cassman
Life of St. Philip Neri
Life of St. Francis
The Spiritual Life of Cardinal del Val

Resources for the Poor Knights of Christ

Castello della Magione (where the Knights reside and update their page with stuff)

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