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fr_driscollToday we are joined by Fr. Michael Driscoll, a priest of the diocese of Peoria IL, for a frank conversation about the TLM vs. the NO, issues in the liturgy following Vatican II, as well as issues relating to exorcism and his book Demons, Deliverance Discernment: Separating Fact from Fiction about the Spirit World.
NB: The opinions and commentary I express elsewhere on this website are not necessarily those of Fr. Driscoll or the Diocese of Peoria.
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Interview Notes:

Diocese of Peoria
Vatican II’s Liturgy Constitution
Comparison of the Traditional Latin Mass vs. the New Rite
St. Thomas Aquinas on the Fallen AngelsSt. Thomas on the interpretation of Scripture
Tertullian’s Apologeticus (the reference I made was to chapter XXII)
Satanist feast days (Protestant website) [Warning: explicit detail]
Interview 008 – Fr. Ripperger on Exorcism and Traditionalism
Discussion of the Old vs. New rites of exorcism – Manfred Hauke
Introduction to the Science of Mental Health by Fr. Ripperger

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