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Campaign PhotoToday Boniface joins us, who readers might remember was my co-author on the old version of Athanasius Contra Mundum. Today he talks to us about his experience as the mayor of his small town in Michigan. We discuss the challenges and realities facing local government, the problems of the economy, being a “job friendly” town, and the problems of government in general, wherein we contrast the system today with Catholic jurisprudence and political thought, and discuss solutions.

This is a fantastic eye-opener about local government and the situation we find ourselves in.
Boniface runs the website Unam Sanctam Catholicam, the blog by the same name, and is also the editor of the Complete Works of St. Cyprian (which yours truly wrote the Introduction to), a teacher who manages a homeschool co-op as well as Cruachan Hill press.
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Episode Notes:

Tax Abatement
Hilaire Belloc’s Essay on the Restoration of Property
Differential Taxes
Michigan woman arrested for growing a garden in her yard
Solutions: Guerrilla Gardening (From the Corbett Report)
Statistics on the misuse of Tasers
Another study of Taser issues
Agenda 21
Homeland Security spending in small communities
Interview 010 with Jeff Cassman on the Justice system
Government of Wolves (A book about law used to entrap the innocent)
Frank Capra’s Meet John Doe
Peer 2 Peer Economy

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