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SungenisToday we are joined by Dr. Robert Sungenis, author of Galileo was Wrong and the executive producer of the Science documentary The Principle, for an in depth discussion on Geocentrism. We begin addressing claims of antisemitism as well as the claim that Robert holds a fake doctorate, and get into the matter of the Galileo case, the progression of Heliocentrism to Einstein, and the various issues arising from Special and General Relativity, and at length Sungenis answers the all important question, “why does it matter whether the earth goes around the sun or not?” As with most of my interviews, this is long, but packed full of information.

NB: Interview guests do not necessarily agree with all the positions I express on the website, or with other interview guests.
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Update: DVD available!

Now you can get the Principle on DVD!

Interview Notes:

Galileo was Wrong (Sungenis’ current website)
Catholic Apologetics International
The Principle
Sungenis’ book responding to Karl Keating’s The New Geocentrists

Calamus University
Vanuatu (about the country)
Galileo Goes to Jail and other Myths (a book refuting the idea that Galileo was jailed or tortured, among other things; although the book is not friendly to Sungenis’ position)
The Book Galileo was wrong, with the supporting evidence for the historical treatise Dr. Sungenis laid out in the interview
Ernst Mach’s demonstration that Newton’s theory of Mass is incomplete without the entire Mass of the Universe
The Settele affair: from Retrying Galileo, by Finocchiaro
Michaelson-Morely Experiment
Michaelson-Morely funded by Alexander Graham Bell
Einstein’s 1905 Paper on Relativity
Lorenz equations
Einstein’s 1920 Leiden paper
An Introduction to the Planck Aether Hypothesis
Einstein and Ether
Petitio Principii = Begging the question (scholastic term)
Church Fathers taught the Earth doesn’t move (response to David Palm)
Ives-Stillwell Experiment
Ives rejected relativity
Relativity eliminates Newtonian Mechanics (with explanation of Michaelson-Morely)
Joshua X:12-14
Benedict XVI’s farewell address
Mural depicting Coperinicus and Galileo with woman “priest”
Response by Robert Sungenis and Rick Delano to claims they misused or lied or tricked scientists into being apart of the film as well as the attack by other Catholics, on Michael Voris’ Church Militant TV
Galileo Was Wrong DVD mentioned at the end of the Interview
Sungenis contact: cairomeo at

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