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Today we are joined by Hugh Owen, the director of the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation, for an in depth discussion on the Traditional Catholic Doctrine of Creation, and why evolution is in fact a contrary worldview that is not compatible with the Catholic faith. We will cover the basic objections to the doctrine of Creation, both from the standpoint of atheistic evolution, based strictly upon the science as well as theistic evolution, which will include discussion of the social impact of Darwinian theory via Eugenics and Communism.
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Episode Notes:

The Great Welsh Revival
Job XXXVIII:4 “Where were you when I laid up the foundations of the earth? tell me if you have understood it.” (my translation from the Vulgate).
St. Thomas Aquinas, God’s providence and Creation
How Darwin developed his theory
Charles Lyell
Descrates: Discourse on Method
Descartes and the Occult
Researchers discover Vestigial organs are a myth
Science in the Middle ages by Edward Grant (no relation, where he references Galileo’s liberal use of the monk Jean Burdian and the Bishop Richard Grosseteste)
Geneticist Dr. Sanford on the break down rather than evolution of genes (video)
The Fallacy of Microbes and Bacteria as proof of evolution
Dr. Michael Behe and irreducible complexity (Video)
Defense of irreducible complexity from an evolutionist’s perspective
Problems with Radiometric Dating
Ancient Depictions of Dinosaurs
Cosmos transcript, Carl Sagan says we remember dinosaurs by genetic memory
Dinosaur soft tissue and DNA discovered
Dinosaur bones dated to within 10,000 years
Carbon-14 Dating
Job’s account of Dinosaurs: Behemoth Job XL:10-17; Leviathan, Job XLI:1-20
Claim: Beowulf fought Dinosaurs [I never heard that before, but it’s not impossible!] Eugenics and evolution
Darwin’s influence on Marx -See the Marx-Engels Reader, pg. 681, 697.
Evolution and Marxism
Obama Appointee Francis Collins
Meet Bruno Forte (author of the Synod midterm Relatio)
Pontifical Biblical Commission held Catholics must believe in the historical accuracy of Genesis
The Traditional Catholic Doctrine on Creation (addressing what John Paul II really said and its actual import)


The Kolbe Center
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The Metaphysics of Evolution, by Fr. Chad Ripperger, PhD

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