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Stephen_handToday we are joined by Stephen Hand, a writer, researcher and Traditional Catholic [though, as Stephen says, some hold this last part in doubt], for a wide ranging conversation of his view of the collapse of society from his youth to when he came into the Church, as well as the early American Traditional Catholic movement. Stephen will also discuss events involving the Remnant, which will be of great interest to many; as well as topics such as criticism of the Pope, the New World Order , the war on terror and Dorothy Day in a lengthy, though endlessly fascinating interview which will surprise many who have preconceived notions of Mr. Hand’s positions.
NB#1: In the first couple of minutes I typed up some notes on where I wanted the interview to go, forgetting how efficient my microphone is at picking up very small sounds. I am not proficient enough to edit them out, and doing it again is impossible. Suffer the 2 minutes of keystrokes and all will be well.
NB#2: I apologize that I am a Latinist and not a media producer. Next time I will bear in mind to lower the input on my microphone for phone interviews. Still, the two hours are enjoyable and well worth it.

Episode Notes:

SSPX position for background on the 1988 Consecrations
Remnant reprint of a 1987 article on Assisi
Stephen’s position on why the “Resist you to the face” pamphlet was a great overreach concerning John Paul II
During the course of the interview, Stephen could not recall which “Matt” of the Wanderer  had contacted him and whether he was still living or not, and I hadn’t the faintest idea myself. As it turns out it was Alphonse Matt, not Walter, as Stephen said in the interview, who published the book on the non negiotiables and wrote the preface. It would appear (and at the Remnant or the Wanderer they can correct me, as there is nothing readily available internet-wise) it appears Alphonse Matt is still living. Walter Matt on the other hand died in 2002, +RIP.
Dorothy Day brought choirs from Solesmes to poor parishes Source (pg. 3)
Civilian deaths for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
JFK and the Unspeakable by James Douglass


The Remnant Newspaper
History of the Remnant and the split between the Wanderer and the Remnant (NB: yes I am biased by linking the Remnant’s story, but I don’t think the Wanderer would dispute the facts in the matter)
My interview with Chris Ferrara for his book Church and the Libertarian

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