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Today we welcome Rick Delano, the Producer of the movie: The Principle, to talk about issues relating to the same movie as well as the subject of Geo-centrism, and other topics relating to the movie, which I highly recommend irrespective of your views on the matter. We will also deal with what is Special Relativity and General Relativity, its consequences for Newtonian Physics, and even dispel certain myths about contributors to the movie being misled or edited. At length, we discuss the spectre of Giordano Bruno, the Italian defrocked Dominican who was burned at the Campo Dei Fiore and has emerged as a martyr for science, even though he was not a scientist. I think you will find his answer on Bruno compelling if not downright convincing.
NB: I apologize, the Skype connection was not always the best, so a few words got slurred here and there. Anything really garbled was repeated.
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Interview Notes

The Principle
Lawrence Krauss: Is Copernicus coming back to haunt us?
Galileo was Wrong
Relativity eliminates Newtonian Mechanics (with explanation of Michaelson-Morely)
Thirring’s paper on the gravitational effects of rotating bodies (essential read on the question of Corialis effect)
The Principle: Controversy Page
The Lunacy of the Multiverse
Bruno was a martyr for magic, not science
Giordano Bruno and the Rosecrucians
Science Magazine cover: Is there a crisis in Physics?
Response from Robert Sungenis and Rick Delano on charges of anti-semitism
Response by Robert Sungenis and Rick Delano to claims they misused or lied or tricked scientists into being apart of the film as well as the attack by other Catholics, on Michael Voris’ Church Militant TV

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