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[Download]                 [Play in New Window] In my podcast, “Why Catholics should care about 9/11″, I laid the groundwork for what I consider one of the most important issues of our time, that the so-called war on terror, the huge increase of the police state, the erosion of our freedom, and so many other things all trace their roots to an excuse that they are needed because of 9/11. Therein, I expressed my complete incredulity in the government story and further, I promised another show in a couple of weeks to talk more in depth on those issues. Well . . . it took a bit due to scheduling issues. At last, today we talk once again with Mike Duddy, a retired sheriff and researcher who has spent years conducting serious research on issues in Theology, History, and more recent history in the way of 9/11, the Kennedy Assassination, and other issues. We last spoke to him in Interview #2 on Fatima. Today he is on the Aude Sapere Interview series to help us examine, what happened at 9/11? This will be a look at the composition of the Twin Tower, Tower 7, and the other towers you’ve never even heard about (Tower 6 for example). Then we vet the official story based on science, and the testimony of qualified experts. Be willing to listen, this is a critique based on science, not some raving theory based on a google search. As always when listening to Mr. Duddy, you won’t be disappointed.
Source notes:
PBS Article on the construction of the towers
WTC Core structures
Pilots for 9/11 truth
John Lear (son of Lear jet founder with nearly 20,000 hours logged flight time) suggests there were no planes on 9/11
John Lear gives sworn testimony that there were no planes
WTC 7 said to have collapsed while still standing on video
BBC argues that it was due to the confusion of the day, and that every American outlet was reporting the exact same thing. Just confusion? Or did the feed get sent out to the news to early? Its possible, but then again, why don’t all the news networks make the correction within a few minutes, as they often do when reporting on breaking stories, in this case, when their own eyes show them the building is still there? I’ll let you determine that for yourselves.
WTC 6 and surrounding buildings mysteriously destroyed, but not hit by planes
High volume of “put options” on United Airlines and American Airlines stock just prior to 9/11 (This article has expert analysis from Max Keiser, a seasoned financial analyst with a good description of the market mechanisms, which refutes many of the attempted debunkings claiming it was just “business as usual)
Spike in 9/11 trading (Journalist Christopher Bollyn)
Update #1: While trying to verify the “CGI of a plane coming out the end and going back in” which Mr. Duddy described i the interview, I have found a number of videos claiming to debunk this. I will get a response from Mr. Duddy and post it here.

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1 year ago

It is just amazing how many People would have to know,and still to this day,not one of them have confessed.