I’m closing in on book one of De Romano Pontifice, but it is turning out to be quite a job. I still need to get to book five.
As such, I need announce, that due to the work on that particular work of Bellarmine, has caused me not to finish a work I had announced over the summer, namely the Sermons of St. Robert Bellarmine for Advent and Christmas. Even before I undertook the major project to translate his dogmatic corpus, I have had too much work to be able to bring the sermons to completion. Even if I had kicked up the pace a few weeks ago, I could not have finished in time for it to be purchased before Advent, as I’m only at the third Sunday of Advent. The work was too lengthy, and sadly, the financial response to the Bellarmine project has been too limited to allow me to get the full time in. So I’m going to make the attempt to render his sermons for Septuagesima and Lent into English now, and have that ready for February. The sermons are rather long, there are two for each Sunday, one on the epistle, the other on the gospel. Its a lot of work, but I will try to work it in amongst Bellarmine’s sparring with Luther and Calvin in the De Controversiis. Therefore, help this work by prayer. Secondly, if you have not already donated, please consider $10 or $20. If you already have, or don’t find you can part with even a small sum, then please spread the project to other people who could:

Donate to the St. Robert Bellarmine Translation project

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